Morris Ital Ex BT van - Fast road build


Thought it may be worth adding a project page up of my Morris Ital van as many customers who have been to us have asked ’what engine is in the van’ and embarrassingly I would have to say it’s standard... so after owning it since 2013 (don’t go on eBay when you've been down the pub all night) I thought it was about time to make it a bit more powerful!

Race Retro show at Santa Pod in 2015 it done a woeful 21secone quarter mile time, so it is well in need of a bit more punch! the thought of changing the A-series did cross my mind but to me changing the original engine for a more modern one just isn’t right for this van.

Engine Spec will roughly be -

1310cc, Block drilled for 11studs

6cc Dished Cast Pistons

Full Race Spec Head 29x37

Kent 296 Camshaft

Swiftune Duplex

MED 1.3:1 Roller Rockers

Maniflow Stage 2 Full Exhaust System

Aldon Red Dizzy

Crank - Wedged, bladed & crossdrilled

Rods - Lightened & Shot peened

Rotating assembly balanced

Isky Type Lightend Followers

Twin HS4 Carbs

Maniflow Inlet

ITG S/S Filter

ARP Conrod bolts + Head studs

C/R 12.2:1

Hoping for around 110/120bhp, should be back on the road by March 2018, will add some photos of the build when the crank/rods come back from the machine shop.



Added some photos of the crank, rods, and block work done by Rob Walker Engineering - big thanks to the team there for a fantastic job. Also brought some more parts for the engine build in the past month - ARP rod bolts, swiftune duplex, lightend tappets etc. short block will be built by the middle of January and the engine to be completed by the end of January, although removing the heater to save 9kg Might have been a bit of a mistake with this weather  but I’ll survive. Things left to buy are just the dizzy, roller rockers, and pump! Last updated 21/12/17