Morris Ital Ex BT van - Fast road build

Thought it may be worth adding a project page up of my Morris Ital van as many customers who have been to us have asked ’what engine is in the van’ and embarrassingly I would have to say it’s standard... so after owning it since 2013 (don’t go on eBay when you've been down the pub all night) I thought it was about time to make it a bit more powerful!

Race Retro show at Santa Pod in 2015 it done a woeful 21secone quarter mile time, so it is well in need of a bit more punch! the thought of changing the A-series did cross my mind but to me changing the original engine for a more modern one just isn’t right for this van.

Engine Spec will roughly be -

1310cc, Block drilled for 11studs

6cc Dished Cast Pistons

Full Race Spec Head 29x37

Kent 296 Camshaft

Alloy/Alloy Duplex

MED 1.3:1 Roller Rockers

Maniflow Stage 2 Full Exhaust System

Aldon Red Dizzy

Crank - Wedged, bladed & crossdrilled

Rods - Lightened & Shot peened

Rotating assembly balanced

Isky Type Lightend Followers

Twin HS4 Carbs

Maniflow Inlet

ITG S/S Filter

ARP Conrod bolts + Head

C/R 12.2:1

Hoping for around 110/120bhp, should be back on the road by March 2018, will add some photos of the build when the crank/rods come back from the machine shop.


last updated 10/11/2017